News About At-Risk Buildings and Neighborhoods

RISK - Aggresive zoning.

City documents say this structure was built in 1932 for Shell's Hamburgers but others suggest it was the late 1920's  Most known for its incarnation as Polar Bear Ashburns's, it did not become Polar Bear's flagship store until 1946 - and it remained that until the mid-80's.  The whimsical nature of the plaster work suggests the structure was built to compliment the Lake Cliff Park buildings that used to make up the amusement park across the street.  In fact the entire area was dotted with walk-up Root Beer stands and hamburger joints for some time.  This is all that remains of that time.

There is much planning afoot around Casita Lupe Cafe.  Plans say this structure falls into the "community retail" portion of the Oak Cliff Gateway planned development.  Just across Beckley, the Lake Cliff Historic District begins but that does not help this building and unlike the Bishop Davis Land Use Study, no provisions are discussed for unusual or historic structures that the neighborhood would like to see saved.  And that certainly includes this building, it received more comments on our Facebook Page than any other building we mentioned. 

Polar Bear Doc

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