Cliff Mart SUP on Clarendon Up for Automatic Approvals
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from District 1 City Councilman Scott Griggs

In a few weeks, the special-use permit that allows the operation of a drive-through beer barn at the Cliff Stop at Clarendon and Hampton will expire. The owner has applied for its renewal and is asking that the city automatically renew the SUP going forward.

If you own property within the notification area for this SUP, you should receive notice of this application within the week. You will have 21 days to return the reply form stating your support of or opposition to the application.

Those living outside the notification area can still offer their opinion on the application by sending an email to Neva Dean in the city's Sustainable Development and Construction Department, or by phoning her at 214.670.4209.

Many of you may know that the owners of this property bought the historic Humble Station on Zang and Beckley which was recently demolished. - OOCCL


Trinity Tollroad
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A final public meeting for the Trinity Tollroad will be held on April 24, 2014 at 5:00 pm in the old Dallas Memorial Auditorium across from City Hall.  


Trinity River toll road planner to Dallas City Council: Parkway could be swamped in a flood

taken from The Dallas Morning News by Robert Wilonsky April 14, 2014 

Dallas City Council member Scott Griggs has always been against planting a high-speed, six-lane toll road the city along the east levee of the Trinity River between Interstate 45/U.S. 175 to the Interstate 35E and State Highway 183 merge. His reasons are myriad. “For starters,” he said Monday afternoon, “urban design, mobility and environmental reasons.” But following today’s meeting of the Dallas City Council’s Transportation and Trinity Corridor Project Committee, Griggs said he has additional reasons to be dead-set against an unfunded road guesstimated to cost upwards of $1.5 billion.


Bishop Arts District Among Winners of 2014 Preservation Dallas Award
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The Bishop Arts District will be recieve a special achievement award at the 2014 Preservation Dallas Achievement Awards.  The awards will be on May 14 from 6 - 8:30 at the Texas Theater.  More information at Preservation Dallas. 
April Newsletter 2014
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For the printed April Newsletter flyer, please click here...

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Raymond Crawford
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